direct marketing planning

Don't put all your marketing efforts into 1 basket. On Digital Ground encourages a tri-focused marketing approach - an premium website, online direct marketing like Social Networking and eye-catching direct marketing pieces like business cards and brochures. Our team of Marketing Specialists will work with you to create branded direct marketing tools that help you hit the bulls-eye every time.

The greatest asset in Direct Marketing is that it is a method of delivering promotional messages directly to the target customers on an individual basis and promotes maintaining customer relationship. It enables you to communicate directly with well defined target clients, rather than communicating to everyone in the mass market. It is a strong and effective tool for initiating and developing relationship with new customers.

Goals of Direct Marketing...

Grab their attention so they’ll stop and look
Captivate their senses to excite them to read your proposition
Communicate in a clear and consice manner what you have to answer your client's question
Give an appealing, easy and logical call-to-action that gives you the results you're looking for

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direct marketing is trackable

Direct marketing response is track-able and measurable regardless of the delivery medium. It provides valuable and reliable consumer and sales data, as well as clear, quantifiable success metrics for analysis.

5 Reasons Direct Marketing is still a viable solution:

1. It's Personal
With Direct Marketing you can add that personal touch and address your customers by name. You clients are more likely to respond to a special offer that is addressed to their personal needs.

2. It’s Targeted
You choose who you want mail to be sent to and when it will be sent. Direct MaMarketing is more focused and targeted to individuals who will most likely respond to your offer.

3. It’s Accountable and Trackable
Direct Marketing gives you the ability to track the success of your campaign. Whether it’s counting the number of coupons redeemed, visits to custom landing pages, or inquiries generated. By tracking and analyzing results, you can see what is working and if any changes need to be made.

4. It's Integrated
Direct Marketing can easily be integrated with Web, Media (TV/Radio) and Social to create a winning combination. Integrating Direct Marketing with online channels totally enables measurement and accountability.

5. It’s Tangible
Finally, Direct Marketing comes in all shapes and sizes! You can choose from postcards, brochures, letters, coupons, and so much more. As the name suggests, it’s the only media channel that physically allows you to place your message in your clients’ hand or Inbox. With the use of coupons, QR Codes, etc. you get your clients actively involved. And, combining your Direct Marketing, say with an emerging channel like "mobile" using QR Codes you can really make a memorable impression!