standing out from the pack... On Digital Ground stands out from the pack with our 4 step process for web design, web development and interactive internet marketing services.

4 efficient steps to your new website:

This initial stage consists of determining your requirements and objectives through a discovery process, which provides the background information for developing the strategy of the project. The discovery and strategy are then finalized into a site map and creative brief that will become a blueprint coordinating the design team’s efforts in producing an industry standard web design, which meets and/or exceeds your goals and desires.

Our designers implement the design ideas of the creative brief preparing draft compositions - static representations of the design idea look and feel. The comps are then presented to you for review. This process allows for variations of the compositions and revisions. Following review and implementation of changes, a final layout is presented to you for final approval. Upon approval, you sign off to begin the next phase of project.

Our developers code the HTML pages, Cascading Style Sheets and JavaScript according to the W3C standards using industry best practices, which allows for maximum browser compatibility. The pages are designed to ensure compatibility with strict or “high” browser security settings, as well as W3C Accessibility standards for the visually impaired.

The site is then tested for usability and malfunctions. Site is cross-browser tested to display correctly on 99%+ browsers. All applications are tested and the project is ready for the final review and sign-offs.

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